Machine made and handmade shellac in India and many other countries in the world is widely used in the woodworking industry. It is commonly used as an ingredient to polish wooden furniture, as well as other curated items like violins, pianos and guitars.

Because of shellac’s natural properties, it acts as a primer coat to prevent any bleeding of the pigments (or wood resins) into the final finish. Good quality shellac wax India is also used to prevent any type of wood stain from blotching or odour to leak out.

Polishing wooden furniture with shellac gives it an unique shine, something which is impossible to replicate using any chemical agent. Its unique application as wood sealers, as well as wood polish makes it suitable for all types of applications. Products from the best shellac exporters in India is frequently used to invigorate old woodwork, and even to finish wooden floors, sports goods, etc.

Handmade and machine made shellac exported by Parwati Lakh Udyog are some of the best products available for the woodworking industry. We are one of the largest shellac exporter in Kolkata, offering multiple different grades of machine made and handmade shellac to our customers. Our products hold a substantial market in the wood working industry, offering quality at unbeatable prices.

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