Seedlac is the primary raw material for making shellac. Processed by grinding sticklac and removing the primary impurities from it, seedlac in India is both used and exported for various purposes.

We, Parwati Lakh Udyog are one of the best seedlac suppliers in India. We produce several different grades of seedlac, manufactured and processed through rigorous industry standards to ensure the quality.

PLU Seedlac Grades

We manufacture several different grades of seedlac; these include –

Genuine Bysakhi Seedlac

Manbhum Fine Bysakhi Seedlac

Golden Bysakhi Seedlac

5% Kusmi Seedlac

Kusmi Seedlac

The range of seedlac in India offered by us is well-known for its excellent quality. Our continuous drive to produce and export cost-effective, yet highest quality products have helped us achieve the mantle of one of the most recognised seedlac exporter in India.

Collection of Sticklac

Seedlac is the semi-processed form of shellac, made by refining sticklac in both our cottage and mechanized processing plants. Making seedlac in India is done exclusively near the lac-growing areas to ensure quick processing, minimum chances of aging of the raw materials, and rural employment.
At our processing plants, we can achieve an yield of 40% to 60% after refining lac from sticklac. This wide variation is caused by several external factors, certain aspects like the host tree, environmental changes, and location of cultivation can affect the total yield.
Other than that, this natural resin for casting India also contain several other components, including 6% to 7% lac wax, dye, impurities like insect debris, pieces of wood, sand, and 3% to 5% water moisture. These are all removed during refinement while making shellac flakes India.

Processing of Seedlac

Processing of sticklac into seedlac requires a thorough understanding of the process and years of experience in the field. As one of the best seedlac suppliers in India, we take utmost care to ensure the finished product meets the necessary standards; processed seedlac also goes through multiple inspections to ensure the quality.

Raw sticklac is first grinded and filtered to remove any impurities like sand or dust from it. The resin flakes are then slowly heated so that it breaks apart and releases particle impurities like insect bodies. This process also dissolves the colouring dye, giving it a clearer appearance.
The coloured water which is produced while refining sticklac is used to dye clothes and other articles. This natural dye can be collected from repeated washing of the processed seedlac, which is necessary to remove any colour and impurities.

Commercial variety of seedlac in India is achieved after this lac is dried and sieved.

As one of the largest seedlac exporter in India, we are committed to produce the highest-quality of product in a sustainable and cost-effective way. Our products are well-recognised for their excellent performance and long shelf life.

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