Shellac, or lac, is a type of natural gum resin with exceptional properties, allowing us to use it in a multitude of different ways. Shellac flakes India is one of the few countries that manufacturer the largest quantities of finished products. It is a non-toxic and edible resin, the only commercial resin that is synthesized from the hardened secretion of Laccifer Lacca, commonly known as the lac bug.

Being an organic resin, shellac has outstanding properties, and have been used for centuries. It is considered GRAS, or Generally Recognized As Safe by the Food and Drug Administration. It is used as a natural food glaze, film former, natural insulator, adhesive, plastic, and as a base of several cosmetic product.

At Parwati Lakh Udyog, we process the natural resin for casting India following both handmade and machine made processes. Our extensive line of suppliers bring us the highest quality sticklac, which is then purified, processed, and formed for final export.

We produce various grades of shellac. These include –

PLU Handmade Shellac Grades

PLU HM Light Pure Buttonlac

PLU HM Kusmi Buttonlac

PLU HM Lemon Shellac

PLU Machine Made Shellac Grades

Machine made shellacs are manufactured following either heat or solvent process. Both are necessary for our production, as these methods allow us to create different grades of shellac wax India which are suitable for different applications.

Being one of the largest shellac exporter in India, we have to cater to a diverse clientele. The different grades of machine made shellacs that we produce include –

Shellac manufactured through heat process –

PLU MM Orange


PLU MM Lemon

PLU MM Black TN (Shyam Shellac)

Machine made shellac in India is also manufactured using solvent process. This process allows us to control the wax content in the finished product. We can also produced dewaxed bleached lac India via this method.


Seedlac is the primary raw material for making shellac. Processed by grinding sticklac and removing the primary impurities from it, seedlac in India is both used and exported for various purposes.

We, Parwati Lakh Udyog are one of the best seedlac suppliers in India. We produce several different grades of seedlac, manufactured and processed through rigorous industry standards to ensure the quality.

We manufacture several different grades of seedlac; these include –

PLU Seedlac Grades

Genuine Bysakhi Seedlac

Manbhum Fine Bysakhi Seedlac

Golden Bysakhi Seedlac

5% Kusmi Seedlac

Kusmi Seedlac

The range of seedlac in India offered by us is well-known for its excellent quality. Our continuous drive to produce and export cost-effective, yet highest quality products have helped us achieve the mantle of one of the most recognised seedlac exporter in India.

Collection of Sticklac

Seedlac is the semi-processed form of shellac, made by refining sticklac in both our cottage and mechanized processing plants. Making seedlac in India is done exclusively near the lac-growing areas to ensure quick processing, minimum chances of aging of the raw materials, and rural employment.
At our processing plants, we can achieve an yield of 40% to 60% after refining lac from sticklac. This wide variation is caused by several external factors, certain aspects like the host tree, environmental changes, and location of cultivation can affect the total yield.
Other than that, this natural resin for casting India also contain several other components, including 6% to 7% lac wax, dye, impurities like insect debris, pieces of wood, sand, and 3% to 5% water moisture. These are all removed during refinement while making shellac flakes India.

Processing of Seedlac

Processing of sticklac into seedlac requires a thorough understanding of the process and years of experience in the field. As one of the best seedlac suppliers in India, we take utmost care to ensure the finished product meets the necessary standards; processed seedlac also goes through multiple inspections to ensure the quality.

Raw sticklac is first grinded and filtered to remove any impurities like sand or dust from it. The resin flakes are then slowly heated so that it breaks apart and releases particle impurities like insect bodies. This process also dissolves the colouring dye, giving it a clearer appearance.
The coloured water which is produced while refining sticklac is used to dye clothes and other articles. This natural dye can be collected from repeated washing of the processed seedlac, which is necessary to remove any colour and impurities.

Commercial variety of seedlac in India is achieved after this lac is dried and sieved.

As one of the largest seedlac exporter in India, we are committed to produce the highest-quality of product in a sustainable and cost-effective way. Our products are well-recognised for their excellent performance and long shelf life.

Aleuritic Acid

Aleuritic acid is a natural acid collected from shellac during the process of saponification. This light yellow and odourless solid is another product that we manufacture in quantity.

A by-product obtained while manufacturing shellac flakes India, Aleuritic acid is a necessary component of the perfume and pharmaceutical industry.

Product Profile

We manufacture Aleuritic acid with a purity of 99%. This product retains a slight yellow colour, and is soluble in isopropyl, ethyl, and methyl alcohols. It is also moderately soluble in hot water, however, will crystallise once the solution cools down.

Aleuritic acid is collected while synthesising shellac from seedlac in India. It is one of the thirty component acids that are present in the lac molecule, approximately 35% to 40% quantitative estimated value. It is recovered (by a small amount) from lac resin; however, commercially recovering the same via alkaline hydrolysis is not feasible in the desired quantity.

Aleuritic acid is an excellent raw material required to synthesis Civetone, Ambrettolide, Isoambrettolide, Exaltone, etc. Amongst these, Civetone is one of the most common chemical used by perfume manufactures. It is used as a synthetic musk, replicating the chemicals collected from Civet cats and Musk Deer.

Uses of Aleuritic Acid

Aleuritic acid is used extensively in several industries. Products that we manufacture while synthesising shellac flakes India have found use in the pharmaceutical industry as Glucose Manoaleuritate, an isocaloric substitute for dietary tripalmitin.

Aleuritic acid is also used to prepare plastics that offers good adhesive properties. Other components such as Pithalic andydride, glycerin, etc. are mixed with Aleuritic acid for this purpose. The esters of this acid is mixed with other cellulose esters to make lacquers and fibres.

Alongside being one of the largest shellac exporter in Kolkata, we are also one of the largest Aleuritic acid synthesiser and supplier currently catering to the market. Trust on us to get products that offer the best grades at competitive prices.

Bleached Shellac

Bleached shellac India is a processed resin which is bleached of off its natural colour. It is a multistep process, where shellac is treated with sodium hypochlorite, sodium carbonate and hydrochloric acid.

The demand for bleached shellac has grown by a significant margin with the increased awareness amongst our customers for sustainable, environment friendly raw materials instead of petroleum based synthetics. Bleached lac India is sought after for its unique hypoallergenic and non-toxic properties. It is also biologically degradable, and has the capability to form a film over any surface, provide additional hardness, adhesion, and gloss.

We manufacture bleached shellac following both closed and continuous process. The final product contains offers excellent shelf life, enhanced hardness, and reduced salts, making it the perfect product for use in pharmaceutical industry.

The final product is screened several times to remove any remaining impurity, and is produced (and exported) in a powdery form. Bleached lac India is currently in high demand for its unique qualities, and Parwati Lakh Udyog being one of the best shellac exporters in Kolkata, caters to this vast industry with price-sensitive, yet excellent quality product.

Dewaxed Bleached Shellac

Dewaxed bleached shellac India is an edible, colourless, and non-toxic natural resin, widely used in food, food packaging, and similar industries. Dewaxed bleached lac also exhibits excellent adhesive properties, capable of creating a base for binding food-grade materials and extend certain object’s shelf life. This odourless and almost transparent resin is used on both medicines and foods as a coating material during non-refrigerated storage.

We at Parwati Lakh Udyog synthesize dewaxed bleached lac India from the finest raw ingredients. We also encourage quality checks at various stages of production to ensure the synthesised item meets the necessary requirements.

Synthesizing Process

Dewaxed bleached shellac in manufactured using the solvent process, where the wax (and any remaining impurity) is removed by diluting the lac in a suitable solvent. The mixture is then strained through multiple grades of fine filters before alcohol is removed by applying heat.

After this process, the dewaxed bleached lac India takes the form of molten shellac. It is moulded in a required thickness and is grinded for export.
We produce various grades of dewaxed bleached shellac by adding other decolouring agents such as activated carbon. Our products are some of the purest available in the market currently, with impurity reaching only 0.2% after production.


Dewaxed bleached shellac sees extensive use in a number of industries. It is used as a primer for plastic films and small components, as well as aluminium parts and films. It is also used a as a binder for India ink and Gravure printer ink.

Confectionery and food industry uses dewaxed bleached lac India extensively as an external coating that provides additional hardness. Fruits are coated with bleached lac so that they retain their freshness and sheen during their shelf life.

PLU Dewaxed Shellac Grades

Dewaxed shellac can be further processed to remove any remaining colour, creating bleached lac. It is another unique product that has significant market demand in both India and in foreign countries. Bleached lac India is used for special applications where the colour of the lacquered object is necessary to keep in pristine condition.

There are various grades of dewaxed bleached lac India. These include –

PLU Orange

PLU Lemon

PLU Garnet


Super Blonde

India is the primary exporter of lac across the world. The primary areas of cultivation are the districts of West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Odisha, Assam, etc. We source our raw materials from some of the finest cultivators across the nation, and the skill and craftsmanship of our employees help crate a product that is well ahead of all its competition when it comes to quality. This helps us become one of the best shellac exporter in India, and hold the mantle since 1995.


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