Parwati Lakh Udyog started the journey in 1985; Mr. Shyam Sunder Saraogi, a technocrat and a visionary in his own rights, promoted to company as one of the largest shellac exporter in India. With over 35 years of experience, we are now the leading manufacturer and exporter of shellac, seedlac, and other lac based products across the world.

We strive to manufacture zero-defect quality product, and provide a competitive and affordable rate to our local as well as international customers. Parwati Lakh Udyog believes in the preservation of the heritage that is our lac industry, and follow a unique blend of cottage and machine-made manufacturing process for all its products.

Preservation and Cultivation of the Natural Resource

We have a vast network of suppliers in place, bringing in some of the highest-quality raw materials from the lac producing areas in and around West Bengal, Jharkhand, and neighbouring states. The quality of the procured material is essential for both machine made and handmade shellac in India, as we strive to produce nothing but the best.

With a manufacturing capacity of one thousand metric tonnes per year, we are more than capable of meeting the requirements of our clientele. We cater to the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry, and several others on a regular basis.

Exporting to Several Countries

Well-known as the best shellac exporter in Kolkata, our products are sent to several foreign countries across the globe. Our clients hail from Europe, Americas, Middle-East, and Asia, making us a truly global organisation.

Our customer-first approach and a determination to provide nothing but the best keeps us ahead of our peers. We periodically take feedback from our clients in our never-ending pursuit of betterment.

Promoting Nature’s Gift to Mankind

We are members of the Shellac & Forest Products Export Promotional Council, and the Federation of Indian Export Organisations. Being part of these two prestigious bodies, we always endorse the amazing natural resin, shellac.

We also believe in generating employment in the rural regions of our country. Empowering lac growers, suppliers, and cottage processing plants, we created a complete infrastructure where both parties reap the benefits equally.

We Supply Various Grades of Shellac

Parwati Lakh Udyog manufacture and synthesise various grades of shellac and seedlac. We are also one of the largest seedlac suppliers in India, catering to various industries and their unique requirements.

Our extensive product portfolio includes processed, bleached, and dewaxed bleached shellac India. We also synthesise several other products like Aleuritic acid, which is an essential component in the perfume industry. All of these products are available in competitive prices.


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