Dewaxed Bleached Shellac

Dewaxed bleached shellac India is an edible, colourless, and non-toxic natural resin, widely used in food, food packaging, and similar industries. Dewaxed bleached lac also exhibits excellent adhesive properties, capable of creating a base for binding food-grade materials and extend certain object’s shelf life. This odourless and almost transparent resin is used on both medicines and foods as a coating material during non-refrigerated storage.

We at Parwati Lakh Udyog synthesize dewaxed bleached lac India from the finest raw ingredients. We also encourage quality checks at various stages of production to ensure the synthesised item meets the necessary requirements.

Synthesizing Process

Dewaxed bleached shellac in manufactured using the solvent process, where the wax (and any remaining impurity) is removed by diluting the lac in a suitable solvent. The mixture is then strained through multiple grades of fine filters before alcohol is removed by applying heat.

After this process, the dewaxed bleached lac India takes the form of molten shellac. It is moulded in a required thickness and is grinded for export.We produce various grades of dewaxed bleached shellac by adding other decolouring agents such as activated carbon. Our products are some of the purest available in the market currently, with impurity reaching only 0.2% after production.


Dewaxed bleached shellac sees extensive use in a number of industries. It is used as a primer for plastic films and small components, as well as aluminium parts and films. It is also used a as a binder for India ink and Gravure printer ink.

Confectionery and food industry uses dewaxed bleached lac India extensively as an external coating that provides additional hardness. Fruits are coated with bleached lac so that they retain their freshness and sheen during their shelf life.

PLU Dewaxed Shellac Grades

Dewaxed shellac can be further processed to remove any remaining colour, creating bleached lac. It is another unique product that has significant market demand in both India and in foreign countries. Bleached lac India is used for special applications where the colour of the lacquered object is necessary to keep in pristine condition.

There are various grades of dewaxed bleached lac India. These include –

PLU Orange

PLU Lemon

PLU Garnet


Super Blonde

India is the primary exporter of lac across the world. The primary areas of cultivation are the districts of West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Odisha, Assam, etc. We source our raw materials from some of the finest cultivators across the nation, and the skill and craftsmanship of our employees help crate a product that is well ahead of all its competition when it comes to quality. This helps us become one of the best shellac exporter in India, and hold the mantle since 1995.

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