We have been associated with Parwati Lakh Udyog since 2000, and I must admit, they are a company that puts their customer first, in all possible senses. An extensive catalogue of high-quality products and competitive pricing allowed us to procure shellac and seedlac in the desired quantity. It ultimately allowed us to be more dynamic and grab a significant portion of the market. A well-oiled supply chain and always-accessible sales team made the job even easier for us. I am happy to see continued growth to their business, and wish maintain the relationship for upcoming years.

Hadi Wirawan

Surabaya Indonesia

Parwati Lakh Udyog helped us grow tremendously. When we started our organisation, the fluctuating price and quality of available lac based products were our main headache. Once we were introduced to Parwati Lakh Udyog, we were able to bring in the highest quality processed lac available in the market. One of their strong suite is their quality control; when we receive raw materials from them, we know that we are getting the best product that is available at that price point. They also have excellent management, who understand and accept the risks of working with a huge clientele. I think that is their main mantra for the tremendous growth.



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