Aleuritic Acid

Aleuritic acid is a natural acid collected from shellac during the process of saponification. This light yellow and odourless solid is another product that we manufacture in quantity.A by-product obtained while manufacturing shellac flakes India, Aleuritic acid is a necessary component of the perfume and pharmaceutical industry.

Product Profile

We manufacture Aleuritic acid with a purity of 99%. This product retains a slight yellow colour, and is soluble in isopropyl, ethyl, and methyl alcohols. It is also moderately soluble in hot water, however, will crystallise once the solution cools down.

Aleuritic acid is collected while synthesising shellac from seedlac in India. It is one of the thirty component acids that are present in the lac molecule, approximately 35% to 40% quantitative estimated value. It is recovered (by a small amount) from lac resin; however, commercially recovering the same via alkaline hydrolysis is not feasible in the desired quantity.

Aleuritic acid is an excellent raw material required to synthesis Civetone, Ambrettolide, Isoambrettolide, Exaltone, etc. Amongst these, Civetone is one of the most common chemical used by perfume manufactures. It is used as a synthetic musk, replicating the chemicals collected from Civet cats and Musk Deer.

Uses of Aleuritic Acid

Aleuritic acid is used extensively in several industries. Products that we manufacture while synthesising shellac flakes India have found use in the pharmaceutical industry as Glucose Manoaleuritate, an isocaloric substitute for dietary tripalmitin.

Aleuritic acid is also used to prepare plastics that offers good adhesive properties. Other components such as Pithalic andydride, glycerin, etc. are mixed with Aleuritic acid for this purpose. The esters of this acid is mixed with other cellulose esters to make lacquers and fibres.

Alongside being one of the largest shellac exporter in Kolkata, we are also one of the largest Aleuritic acid synthesiser and supplier currently catering to the market. Trust on us to get products that offer the best grades at competitive prices.

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