The lac-based products are commonly found in India. The descriptions of the lack of insect are given in the Atharva Veda about the host papas. The Hindu manuscripts contain all the details about the lac, which has been existing for more than thousands of years in India. It was used as medicine during those times. There are thousands of uses of shellac in so many fields. It is considered as one of the most essential components for any manufacturing industries. There are so many uses of shellac such as dyes which are used to colour the fabrics and is popularly used for colouring carpets in these days, it is used as a vital element in the rubber compounds, in sealing wax, gasket cement, used as a mould for plating in dental care centres, as printing inks and many more.

Shellac is a common component which is used to make lipstick and makeup products. It is an essential additive in cosmetic products. It is even found in hair lacquer. You will get fascinated by the uses of Shellac in different places. The products abilities are improved if it binds with shellac. Shellac is also used to give a finished look to the playing cards, which becomes stronger and cannot be easily torn while playing.

The shellac is also used in excellent products. The Shellac wax is used to make the fruits and vegetables shinier and more attractive, so it is eye-catching. Shellac is very useful for any industry. So many industries are using the high-quality shellac which is safe and branded. The cosmetics products such as hair sprays contain shellac-based material, which makes your hair shinier and bouncier in appearance. Shellac is also used to manufacture drugs and medicines. Many vitamins, pills and other supplements are coated with shellac colour this makes the tablet much smoother so it slides down to your throat easily.  Shellac is used to give authentic finishing touch to your wood furniture. Shellac keeps your wood strong and durable. It also increases the shelf life of your wood.

Which industries use the Shellac wax?

There are many industries which consider shellac as the most essential products for their manufacturing centres. The workers must know the correct use and application of shellac. So here are some industries and domestic fields which use shellac as its main constituent:

    • Film Industry – Shellac is used for polishing set, undercoat, metal foil, as a varnish and enamel.
    • Cosmetic Industry – Shellac is used in cosmetics and other makeup products. It is also use in manicure where the nail lacquer which contains the base of shellac is applied on nails. The nail lacquer stays for a long time. It is also used in to make different shades of eyeshadows.
    • Wood and Furniture Industry – The wood and furniture are coated with varnish or paints which are made with the application of shellac in the colouring industries. It gives a protective layer to the furniture and also increases its shelf life.
    • Cotton and Textile Industry – The cotton fabrics and silk fabrics are dyed with the different colorants. These are made with the help of shellac wax. The fabrics become much stronger and durable for a long time.
    • Ink Manufacturing Industries – The ink is also made with the help of shellac. The huge concentration of shellac gives the dark colour of the ink. The production of different inks such as lithographic ink, waterproof ink and coloured ink.
    • Shoe Manufacturing Industries – The shoe manufacturers use shellac varnish to give the excellent shine to the shoes. This makes the shoes much stronger and finer in appearance.
Fruit Processing Industry

The fruits are not so attractive when it comes naturally. The fruit sellers use shellac wax for coating the fruits and vegetables to make it more attractive in nature. So, the customers buy the fruits at first sight. To give the fruits and vegetables a shiny and long-lasting appearance, they use shellac. The fruits look eye-catching and glows with its bright colour. Shellac is very effective and also has good acidic property which is purchased by the vendors especially for citrus fruits. The storage life of citrus fruits also gets prolonged on its application. The natural coating of shellac gets cleaned when it is washed before having. Shellac is a safe product for application in fruits and vegetables. The fruit looks natural and attractive.

Cosmetic Industry

Shellac flakes are very high in demand in the Cosmetics Industry. Shellac Manufacturers in India are making huge name because of its outstanding quality in shellac-based products. The cosmetics or makeup products use a dye for the base of the product. Shellac is a natural adhesive which gives a strong texture to the product. The quality is maintained and various products are made with the shellac wax such as lipstick, eyeshadows, lacquer, nail polish,. The shellac is very essential for cosmetics as it makes it more productive in nature. It is also used in hair sprays to make your hair look shiny and stylish. Shellac is also used for nail treatments. In the process of manicure, an artificial nail colour is applied to your nails, which can affect your nail. Instead of such nail colours the experts use the Shellac colours which is 100% natural and stays for a long time.

Wood Polish Industry

Machine made and handmade shellac in India and many other countries in the world is widely used in the woodworking industry. It is commonly used as an ingredient to polish wooden furniture, as well as other curated items like violins, pianos and guitars.

Because of shellac’s natural properties, it acts as a primer coat to prevent any bleeding of the pigments (or wood resins) into the final finish. Good quality shellac wax India is also used to prevent any type of wood stain from blotching or odour to leak out.

Polishing wooden furniture with shellac gives it an unique shine, something which is impossible to replicate using any chemical agent. Its unique application as wood sealers, as well as wood polish makes it suitable for all types of applications. Products from the best shellac exporters in India is frequently used to invigorate old woodwork, and even to finish wooden floors, sports goods, etc.

Handmade and machine made shellac exported by Parwati Lakh Udyog are some of the best products available for the woodworking industry. We are one of the largest shellac exporter in Kolkata, offering multiple different grades of machine made and handmade shellac to our customers. Our products hold a substantial market in the wood working industry, offering quality at unbeatable prices.

Food Industry

The food Industry must choose the safest food colour so it does not affect your health. The shellac food colours are natural colour, which are purified through several processes. So, most chefs use shellac food colour to get an attractive view to their dish. It does not play any part for the taste of the food. The food industries use the food glaze to give a beautiful look to their food products. Shellac food colours are coated on chocolates, medicines, other food producers. It gives a natural shine to the fruits and vegetables and other fresh products. The medicines are also coloured with shellac colour as it helps the pills to break down easily inside your stomach, other food colour does not allow the pills to get broken down so easily.

Printing Ink Industry

The ink industries are making huge name only because of best shellac producer in India. The seedlac is processed and formed in the shellac only with the help of the workers who work in the processing units of shellac. The ink industries use shellac as its powerful component. It is an elegant liquid which is mixed with the compound to form ink. The ink is very strong and adhesive in nature which is used for writing, printing and crafting. The printing inks dries up in a few seconds. It is a natural sheen which makes it a perfect component for printing purpose. It is also used for documentation as shellac is an ideal element which is waterproof in nature. The best Shellac manufacturers in India help you get the shellac flakes which are used to produce flexographic ink. It is very efficient for digital printing and making other prints in several things. It has a unique nature which is fast drying and long lasting with a magnificent view of images. Both transparent and opaque print can be manufactured according to the user’s choice.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharmaceutical industry has also adapted the use of shellac for many years. Colouring the pills and tablets is very important as it makes the medicine non-toxic and edible when coated with essential shellac. It gives the medicine its colour and glaze, which is very appealing and enhancing. It gives a patient the identification of the pills by identifying the colour of the pills. Shellac coating is necessary as it is less suspected to moisture and gives fantastic enteric coating. The lac is used to maintain the original shape of the medicines.

Leather and Footwear Industry

The leather and footwear industry is also using the shellac colour for its shoe colouring. As we know that shellac is known as the natural waterproof coating which increases the shelf life of every object. So, the leather and football industries are widely using the shellac for its unique work. The microscopic pores of leathers are filled after coating. Shellac wax is very beneficial and edible because of its unique consistency. The leather articles get a glossy coating, which makes it more enhancing and attractive. To ensure long-lasting toughness, natural adhesive is used, which is the shellac wax. The other shoe products such as shoe polishes are also made up of Shellac based products.

Automobile Industry

The Automobile Industries use high quality processed shellac for several uses. They use shellac in every part of automobiles. The attribute of shellac is incomparable. The automobile experts use it extensively. Shellac is used in the parts which come in contact with the petrol or fuel. The amazing adhesive quality of shellac acts as a sealant. It improves the mechanism of the automotive parts of the vehicles. The shellac and lac-based cements are mostly used in fuel gasket, fuel line, etc.

Machine Industry

To manufacture grinding wheels, it is very important to use shellac. The strong adhesive of shellac is very essential for the grinding wheels. The adhesive is used in the form of a glue. The abrasive compounds do not react with shellac chemically. The compounds such as silicon, emery, carbide, Aluminium Oxide, do not react with shellac. Therefore, mould grinding wheels are made of different materials. Heat can melt everything, but shellac can protect the machine from high heat. Shellac is in high demand in the polishing precision, cutting and manufacturing industries.

Moulding Applications

Shellac and lac based products have a significant demand for products that require moulding and crafting. Craft articles, such as 78 r.p.m gramophone records are still crafted using shellac. Gramophone used to exclusively made using shellac before the advent and wide spread of synthetic materials and plastics.

Shellac is also used to mould dental plate blanks. Because of its non-toxic nature, lac based products can be used as medical equipment. Dental blanks are made using shellac fatty acids and wax. It is used widely across the industry because of its ease of use; softened using only mild temperature, these blanks can be used to create an extremely accurate mould of one’s dentures.

The shellac is not found everywhere. It is especially found in India and Thailand, where the forests are available in large number. The lac insects are found here and also harvested with the help of sticklac process, which is very must useful for the farmers to get the raw material seedlac. After several processes the excellent quality finished product is obtained, which is called shellac. It is further exported to different markets. There are many shellac traders in India who export the best lac products in different parts of the world. In today’s generation every industry needs shellac as it is a natural resin which is very useful for coating and other useful purposes. Here are some of the best usage of shellac:

  • It is used to give glaze in coffee beans and several medicine pills.
  • Shellac is an aqueous varnish which is used to make a strong coating cover on leather and fabrics, wood, polishes, nail polish, floor papers, etc.
  • It is used for dyeing purpose especially silk fabrics.
  • Shellac wax is used to make watch at the temperature of 80 to 100 °C to adjust the pallet stone and also the pallet fork.
  • Shellac is also used by the dentists. It is very useful for the dental technology as it used in the production of partial denture production and custom impression tray.
  • It is also used to make ball-point pens. It creates longevity of the refills ink and prevents it from moisture weakening.
  • It acts as an insulator for every electrical appliance. The shellac is used to by every Electronic industry as it is very essential for an electronic device to get properly insulated. So that the user does not get any electrical shock.
  • Shellac is the other form of plastic as it is used in gramophone record, sealing wax, mould articles, grinding wheels, etc.
  • It acts as an adhesive or a strong cement as it is used to make laminated paper, plate sealer, jute board, general cement, gasket cement, optical cement, etc.
  • It is used as a stiffening agent.
  • It binds the printing inks.
  • It is used as a decorative coating and a protective coating in the beautiful masterpiece.
  • It is used for attaching ink sack to restore fountain pens.
  • A mixture of gel adhesive comprises 75% of ethyl alcohol, which is used to mount insects.
  • It is used to smoothen the working of the wheels and other automotive parts of the automobiles.

The Shellac is very essential for several uses. The best Shellac suppliers in India are running great manufacturing industries which are doing substantial business with the other countries. The production and management of shellac plants are enabled by the shellac industries. They are the number one exporter of seedlac and shellac-based products. These are supplied in large quantities over the world.


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