Shellac is one of the most common add-on food glaze used in the food industry. Commonly known as food additive E904, shellac is used to coat chocolate goods, medicines, fresh produce, and a number of different types of foods.

Processed shellac from the best shellac exporters in India is often used as a wax coating on fruits and vegetables to give these a longer shelf life. Shellac wax India is also used on apples to give it a natural shine, as the fruit’s natural wax coating often gets removed during harvesting and washing.

Another common use of shellac wax is to glaze foods such walnuts and raisins. Multiple types of medicines are also coated with shellac, especially delayed-action medications, as the added coating delays the pill from breaking down inside of the stomach. However, food- grade shellac is manufactured by only a handful of shellac exporters in India; we, Parwati Lakh Udyog Pvt. Ltd. being one of them.

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